The Future is Insight

The title of this blog works on many levels- it plays off of my belief in hybrids being a critical step towards our future, the fact that introspection and mindful planning are critical to our future, and that the future is literally in sight for those that are willing to see it. Here I chronicle my attempt to Be the Change I wish to see in the world-and to help make that Future a Reality.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Consumer Consequences

Here is a link to a quick little game put out by American Public Radio that makes testing your ecological footprint rather fun.

Thanks to a commitment to reduced consumption, offsetting our energy with renewable resources, and my beloved hybrid the Beo/Mia household ranks about 2.5 Earths, down from about 5.9 Earth before we made these changes. Still aways to go, but nice improvement!
If you take the quiz, please feel free to post a comment on how you faired!


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